How to Find Someone with Just a First Name and Age

It can be a frustrating process when you are trying to find somebody but have limited information about them. When you only have a first name and age, it can be even harder. Luckily the benefit of today’s web technologies and millions of websites out there is that you can track people down very easily on social media with only the most basic of information.

10 ways to find people by name and age

1. People search engines

This is the new way to find people on the Internet when all you know about them is any of their basic information. That concludes their names, numbers, and address. So, first, click on the following button to get the top-recommended advanced people search engines that work in the US.

After that, type the name of the person you’d like to find online. Next, add their age if the tools ask you for that. Otherwise, you may just have to click on the search button and filter the search results later.

With these tools, you can quickly search for loved ones, family members, friends, or classmates from your old days of school, college, etc… Or you can use these options to verify the details of someone online. After that, see their social media accounts, contact numbers, photos and more when available.

2. Advanced online background search

TruthFinder is the right option for this search, it can help you in finding people with their names only.

Filter names by age range

Once you visit the site and type the first name, plus the last name of the person, the algorithm scans billions of records. After that, you may be asked to filter the long list of names when you choose the gender. Next, you’ll see a message saying, “Select the age range that best fits” that name. For that, you can get faster search results by choosing the age range of that person you search for.

Finally, wait for the search report and get most of the data like contact numbers, social profiles, photos, relatives, etc…

Select the search results

3. Always start on Facebook

Facebook is a great way to track people down. That’s because it uses very specific algorithms to suggest people to you that you already know or may potentially know through mutual friends. You can search for somebody by their first name and work out their year of birth. Next, you will be shown a full selection of potential people that you may know or have met in passing.

If you think you know any mutual friends of this person, you can go onto their profile first. Second, search for their friends list by name and look for all of the people with that name on their friends list. If you don’t know what this person looks like, but you know who they are friends with, then you can click through to their profile and look at their year of birth. This is usually made public on a person’s profile.

4. Search through Snapchat

Snapchat is a great way to find people that you only know by their first name. You can click on mutual suggestions and see if you can find the person that you are looking for. Snapchat has a great algorithm for finding users. So, you can Snapchat people that you think you may know, and they will often send a photo back.

The benefit of using Snapchat is that you can send people a photo and often receive a photo back. That way, you can easily find out if you have found the right person.

5. Do some search on the Internet

The Internet is a great way to search for a person, especially if you have any information about geographical location. If it is a person that you have just met and only know their first name, then you can search for people around you using their name and year of birth as a guidance.

It is possible to search birth records for people with the same name and year of birth if you know the area that they are from. You can narrow it down to several different surnames.

There are plenty of websites, if you’re willing to pay, that will allow you to find somebody very quickly. Once you have potential surnames, you can then search on social media accounts for these names and see if you recognize any of the photos of people.

6. Word of mouth is effective

It is important to remember that word of mouth is also an important and valuable tool. You can easily ask around the local area and find people that may know, such as colleagues or friends you have seen them with. Often when you meet a person for the first time, it can be difficult to remember their surname. And so you find yourself with the difficult task of tracking them down.

If you explain to somebody the circumstances in which you have met somebody but not caught their surname, most people will be happy to help you.

If you live in a small town or village and met the person there also, then people will usually know of them, as is usually the case in close knit small communities.

7. The place where you met

If you have already met this person, then a great way to find them again is to return to the place where you first met them. Whether it be a nightclub or coffee shop, the chances are that they will return to the place, as is human nature. You may also see people that you remember they were hanging out with. So, you can ask them if they know the mystery person’s surname.

8. Suggested friends

On a lot of social media apps, from TikTok to Twitter, you can receive suggested friends. This is well worth checking out as often the algorithm is so clever that it will come up with suggestions that you had not even considered. You can find a lot of people that you loosely know based upon the suggestions that are presented to you. Just make sure you match your profile details like age and location with the person you look for.

9. Use their age to filter your search results

One great way to filter out people is their age. While you can search on social media for age as well as a name, a great way to find people is to look on people’s accounts that are of a similar age to the person that you are looking for. Then, search the first name through their friends until you find who you are looking for.

Another way in which you can find people knowing only their first name is to have looked at birth records online and search all of the possible name combinations on social media until you find the person that you are looking for.

If you know any other potential family names from this search, you can wait until you have potentially found the person that you are looking for. Next, check their family information to see if they have the correct people listed as family as per the birth register.

10. Post about them on social media

One way that you can find somebody with just a first name and their age is to make a post on social media. If you have a photo, this is very beneficial, but if you don’t, you can simply post the information you do know and make this shareable.

By making this sharable, people can share it and so reach a bigger audience on Instagram, Snapchat etc… Often, there will be somebody that knows of or directly knows the person who you are looking for and may be able to help you to reach out to them.


While it can seem an impossible task, there are plenty of ways that you can find somebody with very little information about them due to the immense development in technology and our ability to utilize the tools available to us.

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