How to Find out if Someone has Multiple Facebook Accounts

Social media is full of users and details about people. But can you really find out if someone has multiple Facebook profiles? And what can you do to locate these accounts at once? Now, when it comes to reality, lots of people still think that everyone should be allowed to create a single account on social media sites. And even more, they just believe in what’s called privacy settings that the Facebook team dedicated a long page for.

The issue these days is that, on one side, there are many legitimate profiles you see on Facebook. On the other side, there are a lot of fake accounts that millions of people create and keep hidden for many reasons.

Just ask yourself how many profiles an individual could create on social media platforms. And think about that if he or she’s someone who is pretending to be another person? The answer to this is as many profiles as they can create. There is no real issue for them to do that by following different strategies. And lots of husbands and wives hide secret Facebook accounts.

Forget about all the verification steps that Facebook is asking for. In fact, people are smart, and they can create dozens of fake Facebook profiles within a day. That’s because they have different phone numbers, emails, and a VPN that changes their real IP each time to use the site.

Now, back to the issue, here is what you have as options to locate your partner or friend’s secret accounts on Facebook.

Finding people’s other accounts on Facebook

Use public records (search by name, number, username…)

This is the smartest way to find whether or not a specific person has one or multiple accounts on Facebook. It starts by using the following trusted search tool that allows users to search the database by name, cell phone number, email, or by any other username.

Next, when clicking the search button, the program scans a huge information database. After that, it may find every single account that the person hides on Facebook, Instagram, or other social networks.

When searching for someone’s secondary Facebook accounts through public records, you’ll save time and effort. Unlike looking for hundreds of pages on Google without getting any information, this method works better.

Everything starts with a good people search system that you can count on. And that may show you who that individual is with address, background search report, and more useful information about them. In the end, it’s a handy tool that might help people to find the details and information they need to know about partners, friends, or anybody.

When you want to see if someone has a secret Facebook account, you may use his real name and get other details. But also, you’ll have more options to start the search, which makes things easier. Here is what types of personal details you can start the search with:

  • Name
  • Mobile number
  • License plate number
  • Email address
  • Username
  • Home address
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If you successfully find hidden pages on social media, you should ask yourself why someone would have 2 Facebook accounts. He can just use one single Facebook for family and friends. We’ll cover that in the section below.

A photo could help

Facebook offers lots of profile customization options, and it allows users to showcase their photos and details. When we talk about players and guys who try to sign up for more than a single account, it’s all about how these people pretend to look like, when it comes to creating their multiple social media pages.

So, they’ll try to upload pictures for that specific profile and change the name and, of course, the details. What you can do here to find hidden Facebook profiles is search with any of that person’s photos you have.

Next, allow a site like Social Catfish to scan the web for that picture and then, show you any possible page where it was added. Google Images is another useful search engine for your images. But keep in mind that Google Images may not be accessible on smartphones. So, use the desktop version to get the phone search feature.

If you see lots of Facebook pages with the same picture, you may try filtering the search results by adding “” inside quotes. That will tell Google or any other search engine to focus only on that website’s domain name.

Search Facebook directly

Finding a specific person on Facebook by phone number is easy now. All you need is to type in the search box one of the cell phone numbers your partner or somebody owns. However, if you don’t have an idea about their contact details, search for any possible or known information like his or her name.

After that, you may see other WhatsApp numbers, emails, and usernames. Next, use that information on Facebook and see if there are any accounts linked to that detail.

Facebook offers a good internal search system. But that only works if the user has not blocked others from finding their accounts by phone number or other contact details. So, to find out if someone has a secret Facebook account, diversify your search options.

To do that, make sure you search Facebook by name, then filter the results by city. At the same time, if you want to go further in the search, add the place of work or the company for which the person is working. That could show you other accounts that person hides on Facebook because they forgot to block others from finding them.

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Check their phone and laptop

On many occasions, people may need to search deeper to check if their partner uses another account on social media. For now, here is how to find out if your wife has a fake Facebook account, which she uses for other reasons. First, try to find the time to check her or his phone. Then, look for any trace on the search history on Facebook. After that, read the list of websites they visited.

Chrome search history showing ”Facebook”

Once you find links to, click on them, and you may get the exact secret account your spouse hides. Look for their username, save it and start the search again based on that newly discovered username. Later, you may easily find other hidden accounts on TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, or even a Tinder profile.

Here is an example of secret Facebook accounts found on someone’s Google chrome search history.

Finding hidden Facebook accounts in search history

Then, when you try to log in, you’ll find multiple Facebook accounts that are secret, like the following example.

Example of someone has secret Facebook accounts

By seeing the Facebook login page with multiple accounts, you can tell that someone else has used that web browser or the same person is hiding those profiles.

Now, if you notice unusual behavior in your spouse’s phone usage, like addiction, then he can hide apps and dating sites. So, here is how to find out if your husband has a secret Facebook account. First, take your time thinking about the excuse to check his phone for calling a family member or other person. You can tell him that your phone is not making calls at the moment for unknown reasons.

Next, look for any apps in the name of Facebook, and click on them. If your man did not sign out, you’d still be able to see his username and hidden profiles on Facebook. Or, when he’s logged out, click on the login link.

Now, if your husband has software that saves passwords automatically, you’ll get the option to add them. Of course, you’ll have to remember that username on that login page. If it looks new, then that’s for sure a secret Facebook account.

Can you use apps to find secret accounts on Facebook?

Many apps on iPhone and also on Android offer such services. So, there are systems to find a hidden Facebook account but keep in mind that most of them are useless. That’s because, first, they’ll need to access your phone or your man’s devices.

Second, they’ll monitor your partner’s activity on social media and send you reports which may look great. But in reality, most of these apps are not trusted, and they’re not even secure.

Instead of showing you any hidden Facebook account, they’ll spy on you and on your partner at the same time. So, I don’t recommend using any of those apps, even if they claim to show you your spouse’s secret conversation on Facebook and other linked profiles.

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That being said, when you have doubts that someone hides different Facebook accounts, then use the first option above. That’s better for getting their social details without logging into Facebook.

Why do people create more than one Facebook account?

According to the latest stats, 16% of the accounts on Facebook are fake or duplicate. You may sometimes feel confused because you’re in a healthy relationship. But there are times when you may ask yourself why does your boyfriend have two Facebook accounts? Is he hiding something? Or probably the guy is using that account for other purposes?

This is not new; from the first days of Facebook, users have tried to create a couple of profiles. One for their families, another one for the girlfriend, and another profile for other reasons. That’s how lots of people use the Internet and social media sites, even if that looks strange to many. But that’s been there for some time.

It’s not always about bad guys and females who are known for scams and fraud. But sometimes, people create multiple accounts on Facebook and Instagram because they forget their login details. And each time they try to log in, they’ll find themselves locked out.

Consequently, because they don’t have a long list of friends, or even because they’re not attached that much to Facebook, they choose to create another account with a secondary phone number and email address. That way, if someone, who doesn’t use Facebook often, will end up with a couple of accounts because they lost the password, and they don’t know how to recover their old accounts.

One more thing to add here, it looks like there is no difference between girls and guys who create fake accounts on Facebook. Many of them have different reasons for that. But what counts is that both male and female users are using Facebook, Instagram, and other social platforms with more than a single account.


As you can see, finding someone’s different accounts on Facebook is not as hard as many expect. You can start by searching for the person’s username or name. Then, if that brings no search results, switch the search to one of the mobile numbers they have. And this time, you may find other hidden details and locate their secret Facebook accounts.

If somebody has multiple accounts on Facebook, you still have options to locate them online. Meanwhile, use any information you have to search through again. Some search engines and tools work differently from others. And by typing the email address or name of your boyfriend or spouse, you may find his second Facebook account.

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