How can you Find Out if Someone is Married?

It can be hard to be on the dating scene and see so many people apparently single but not know if they are married or not, there can be tell-tale signs which you need to pay close attention to when trying to establish if they are married or not. In this guide, we’ll show you the most useful ways to tell for sure if a person is married, so, keep reading.

Checking someone’s marriage records

1. Online public records

It is possible to find out people’s marriage history by looking online, often these records are in the public domain and so are easy to access. This is a sure-fire way to find out for definite whether or not they are married. If you aren’t great with the internet, then, you can go into the local town hall and enquire about marital records, this will help to either confirm or deny your suspicions.

2. Look for the ring

It is obvious that a wedding band or ring is a sign that a person is married but another giveaway is if they have a tan line where their wedding ring should go.

This usually means that somebody wears their ring but has removed it, usually for the intention of deception. Looking out for this is a good way to spot whether somebody is married, occasionally then can be recently divorced or be separated, however more often than not they are indeed married.

3. Look them up on social media

One way to find out if a person is married is to check their social media, if somebody gives you their phone number, you can simply enter this into Facebook and it will come up with the profile affiliated with the number. A married person will have a different looking profile to a single one and depending on their privacy setting you might be able to see a lot of information.

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You can look through profile photos and cover photos to see if there are any with a potential partner or photos that suggest that they have children.  A lot of people have their relationship status in public on their “about me” section, this means it is easy to determine whether or not a person is single with a few simple clicks.

4. See how they deal with payments

Even if it can sound strange at first, a person that pays using solely cash usually has something to hide. Admittedly some people can just be flash and showing off but more often than not this is not the case. People will pay in cash so that if their partner checks any bank statements, they won’t have a trail that leads to their infidelity.

People that always pay on card are suggestively having less to hide and are more likely to be trustworthy when they say that they are single. That being said, not everyone who prefers to pay in cash in hotels, restaurants, or other places is married or has a woman in their life, so, keep that in mind.

5. Do they have a “curfew” time?

If the person that you are seeing always has to be home by a certain time, this suggests that it is so that they don’t arouse suspicion from their spouse. People that have to be home by a certain time often have a partner and children to get for and this is a major red flag if the person that you are seeing does this.

Single people only have themselves to be accountable for and so do not have a curfew, a single and a married person can easily be distinguished between by the time that they stay out.

6. They avoid showing you their house

If you think about the person that you are seeing you need to be asking yourself about their house. If you haven’t seen it yet then make an excuse to go and see it and see their reaction. People that are married won’t invite you to their house for obvious reasons, it will give away their lies and deception.

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If they are constantly making excuses for you to not see their house, then, there could be a very good reason for this, they’re hiding something. Often people that are married will meet people in hotels or at their own house and come up with excuse after excuse as to why you can’t come around, this is a major red flag that shouldn’t be ignored.

7. They are secretive over the phone

People that are married tend to be incredibly secretive when it comes to their mobile and this is because they want to keep the fact that they are married from you. They might take phone calls but walk off and have the conversation intentionally out of earshot of you.

People that are married might have to disguise phone calls from their marital partner or family and will cover this up by lying or inventing elaborate excuses as to what their phone call is about.

8. Be closer to his life & friends

It is important to look at the guy that you are attracted to or seeing and think back to if you have ever met anybody important in this person’s life. Especially if you have been dating for a little while now, it is the usual etiquette to have at least met the other person’s friends or even some family members.

If you aren’t meeting any of their family or friends, then, the person probably has another side of their life that they are trying to hide.

If the other person has met your friends and family but keeps putting off and making excuses as to why you cannot meet theirs, this is a major warning sign that there’s something not quite right.

9. Why not ask?

The only definitive way to find out, unless you catch them red handed is to simply ask them. Most people will not expect such a direct question and often will be backed into a corner and admit the truth. Asking the person is the best way to find out, especially if you have evidence which supports your theory.

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Whilst you might not like confrontation, sometimes asking the difficult questions is something that has to be done. Presenting your information and suspicions to the person in question is a great way to get an answer, even if they lie to you, quite often their facial expressions and reactions give away the truth and more than their words ever could.

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