How do you Know if Someone has Changed their Number?

It can be very inconvenient when a person changes their phone number. Whether they do it with the intention to ignore you or they simply changed their number for the purposes of other reasons.

However, frustrating it can be when a person changes their phone number. It is actually relatively easy to find out whether they have changed their phone number or you are simply blocked from contacting them. In this article, we will discuss the easiest ways to determine this.

Checking if a person changed a phone number

Get that person's new number, accounts and details online
You can try a search system that finds people’s contact details using their phone numbers, name, email or more.

1. Call them

The easiest method to find out whether a person has changed their number is to call them. Often you will get a blank tone or be immediately cut off if a person has changed their phone number.

Sometimes people have just blocked you, and this can give the illusion of them having changed their phone number. This can be very inconvenient and annoying, but there are ways around this.

If you call a person and there is a blank tone, it is essential that you withhold your caller ID and try to call them again, this time without them knowing that it is you. But you receive the same tone, which means you haven’t simply been blocked; they have changed their number. If the phone rings and rings out or they answer, then they have not changed their number; they have just simply blocked you.

Alternatively, you can call this number from a friend’s phone that they would answer usually. That is a great way to determine whether or not a person has changed their phone number.

2. Text them

One way to test whether a person has changed their phone number is to send a text to the last known number that you have of theirs. If the message refuses to be sent, then this means that they have changed their number, as this one is currently inactive.

When you are concerned that you may just be blocked, you can try sending a text to the same number from a different phone. That way, you can be confident that they have changed their phone number on Viber or other texting platforms.

If you use iMessage as a form of communication with this person, then it can appear as though it is sent. However, if the person has changed their number, it will not appear as “delivered” and it definitely won’t read as “sent” at any point.

Verify if they changed cell number through text

For other texting apps, it might not always be accurate for users to know if someone changed their number through text only. That’s because many factors can affect the delivery of that message, such as Internet speed issues, server overloading, etc…So, ensure you send the text at least twice at different times and days of the week.

3. Get help from social media

One way to see if a specific person has changed their mobile number is to review their social media. Often people have their phone number listed on many of the apps that they use regularly, and you can easily check this.

With apps such as Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, or TikTok, you can synchronize your contacts with the app and find out whether their phone number is registered to any of the above-listed apps.

If a person changes their phone number, they will need to use this new phone number to log in to apps. Therefore, it will no longer appear on social media when you synchronize your contacts with an app.

You can also search mobile phone numbers on social media as people will often keep their information updated. You can search the phone number in question on social media and see what accounts come up if any.

There is always the chance that they have just removed their phone number from their account. So, this is one of the less effective methods of finding out whether or not they switched their old phone number.

4. WhatsApp can tell you the answer

WhatsApp is a great way to find out if somebody has changed their cell phone number. You can open your messages with your contact, and it will state that they have changed the old contact number and what the new number is and allow you to save this.

If a person has blocked you and then changed their mobile number, you will not receive this message. However, if they change it before blocking you, then you will get this message and therefore see their new phone number.

How to tell if someone changed their number on WhatsApp

If you try to message somebody on WhatsApp that has changed the number, this message will only ever get one blue tick. It will never get two or be marked as delivered. This is due to the fact that there is nowhere to send the message to.

That’s how you can know if someone changed their number on WhatsApp, so give this a try. If that person is known to be always using the phone, then probably, they’ll see your message in minutes, if not instantly, most of the time.

After that, use the above search button to find that person’s hidden cell phone number you don’t know about with the main contact details and also by the username or full name if you know any of this information.

5. Search with Google

This is another free way to find out if a person’s phone number has been deactivated and replaced by another one or not by searching their name and phone number on Google. This will come up with search results of social media accounts that are affiliated with that phone number.

Suppose these accounts are ones that are regularly updated; you can expect the phone number to have already been updated. Regardless of whether or not Google came up with the search result. Google is a great way to come up with social media accounts that might potentially have this or a new phone number registered to it.

6. Try to log in with their number

This is another way to test if a friend has a new number that replaced the known one. It works by attempting to login into an account with their last known phone number and see what happens. If it says that they have sent a verification code or incorrect password, then the likelihood is that this number is still active and in use.

If a message pops up saying that this number cannot be found, it is likely that they may have changed their previous phone number.

For now, it’s better to try this trick on Facebook or other social networks, including Twitter and Instagram. These are the most popular apps that people use, and it makes sense to check if your friend has an account there through their main mobile number.

That means it can work but remember that other users might own that exact number before your friend starts using it. That’s the issue with cell phone numbers that people stop using for months. Then the cell phone carrier reissues it to someone else with a different name and identity.

Directly ask them

Even if this might sound obvious, the most effective way to find out whether somebody has changed their phone number is to simply ask them. Unless there is animosity present, the person will usually just answer with a clear yes or no and then provide you with their new number.

It is understandable that this can feel awkward. But it is the most sure-fire way to find out if a person has a new cell number in use. Whatever the reason for wanting to communicate with this person, asking them if they have changed their number is the only real definitive way to find out.

If you can’t find any way to contact the person you are looking for, and you have tried to find them with the help of friends and social media, then it’s worth asking yourself again if that person goes missing.


By using the above tips and tricks, you should have a good understanding of how to verify whether a person you know or even you don’t know has changed their phone number or not.

When someone stops using an old contact number and changes it with a new one, the texting app can show you that if the person wants. But when people prefer hiding their new numbers when changing them on WhatsApp, or Snapchat for iPhone, you still have the search engines and tools to uncover those secret numbers if that matters a lot, and you think that you need to contact that person without being annoying.

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