How to Call Someone that has Blocked you?

It can be frustrating when somebody has blocked you on all forms of social media and their phone. It can be even more frustrating when you don’t know how you can get hold of them, especially in the case of an emergency. So, in this guide, we’ll talk about the best way to call back the person who has blocked you.

Calling the person who blocked you

Before starting, it is always possible that the person you’d like to call has a new phone number instead of the old one. So, try to find that second number because that can save time.

There are many ways to find numbers by the name of that person, and it doesn’t matter if they use a mobile or landline number. That requires a few minutes of your time. Just type their old number in search engines, start the search, and finally see if you get any hidden contact details you’re unaware of. That is much better than keeping calling the same old number that blocks you automatically.

1. Withheld your number

One easy way to contact a person who has blocked you is to withhold your number. So they don’t know that it is you calling.

A person is far more likely to answer the phone when there is a caller ID. However, a lot of people are often in the position where they are expecting a phone call. So, they are more likely to answer an unknown number.

You can easily hide your phone number under settings in your phone under the “hide caller ID” section. This is not a permanent change, and you can switch it on and off, so your phone number will appear dependent on when you want it on.

If a person has blocked your phone number, this is overwritten when you hide your caller ID as their phone does not register that it is you calling them; it simply appears anonymous.

2. Get a new cell number

While it may seem obvious, a functional way to contact a person that has blocked you is to change your phone number or simply buy a new sim card for your phone. You can then call or message a person that has blocked you with ease. Having a new number will allow you to re-register with certain apps such as WhatsApp. Also, that will allow you to then send messages to the person that has blocked you.

Although getting a new phone number can be a bit of a hassle, it is by far easier to create new accounts on social media. You can create new social media accounts with a variety of passwords. Next, begin to make your profile appear as though it is authentic. By adding a lot of people and interacting with them, you can make your profile appear as though it is real.

People are more likely to accept an account that appears casual and as though they are authentic but not trying too hard. So, if you start to message the account of the person that has blocked you, then it is important that you stay calm and don’t say too much if you want to have a proper conversation.

If you simply want to say your piece to them, then, you can message them instantly. However, you need to remember that some people have custom settings that block this.

When a person has custom settings on, this will often block people from texting or calling them on apps unless they have accepted your friend request. That is why it is recommended to make your profile look realistic and not as though it is a farce simply to communicate with them.

3. Use somebody else’s phone

If you are really struggling for ways to contact somebody that has blocked you, you can simply use somebody else’s phone. Using somebody else’s phone means that they are more likely to answer as they will know that it isn’t you.

It is important to carefully decide who’s the phone you are going to use to call them as they might associate people with you, and therefore not answer the phone. With this in mind, it is better to use either a mutual friend’s phone or somebody that you both know if you want to increase the likelihood of them answering.

4. Social networks

If you are finding it difficult to contact a person that has blocked you, it could be worth trying other social media that you haven’t yet tried. You can find out what social media a person has as they will often post links to their Snapchat etc, on public forums within their social media profiles.

You can try this as both yourself and a new account. But it is worth branching out from WhatsApp and the usual forms of social media and utilizing the tools that the internet gives you in order to find their accounts and contact them.

One way which is often overlooked is to send an email to somebody. This is sure to reach their account as people often forget to block people on email as it is an uncommon means of communication but also one that is very effective.

5. Meet them in-person

If your attempts to contact somebody that has blocked you have failed, there is always the option to meet them in person. Whether you arrange to meet them in person or you simply know where they are, it can be a good idea to try a different tactic.

You can send a text with a meeting place from an unknown number or go to a place that you know that they will be at a certain time.

If you are having no luck in contacting them, then this could be the best option for you in terms of conflict resolution. Meeting in person makes conveying messages across a lot clearer than a phone call or text message conversation. With this in mind, arranging a meeting could be the best way to resolve any conflict or issues that you may currently have.

Understand the reason why they blocked you

When looking at how to contact somebody, it is essential to take a long hard look at the reasoning for them blocking you. Whether it be a little tiff or a huge argument, maybe they just want their time to calm down.

Quite often, due to natural human curiosity, people will naturally unblock people that they have blocked because they are curious about what they have to say. Sometimes the best way to get in contact with somebody that has blocked you is to simply wait for them to unblock you again.

Most of the time, when somebody blocks you, it will only be temporary. Although it can be very frustrating. So, it is crucial that you do not lose sight of this when you are looking at ways to contact them.

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