How to Find who is the Person Behind a TikTok Account

So, do you need to find out who the real person behind a specific TikTok account is? And you want to see who that guy or girl is with their names, contact information, and locations, if possible? So, read the full guide. We’ll show you the best ways to reveal the identity of almost any TikTok user by searching for basic details and information with the right tools and search engines.

Identifying users of TikTok accounts

Before starting to talk about how to find out who owns a TikTok account, it’s important to note that a lot of users are fake. Accordingly, if you see that someone is pretending to be another person or even you through their accounts, make sure you take a screenshot of that profile to use later for any further investigation. Now, here are the best ways to find who is behind those accounts.

Reverse lookup their username

When using a good reverse username lookup tool like the following, there should be the option to type the username of the person’s TikTok account. Then, allow the site to search its internal database and return any found details. This is a full background search with possible profiles on social media such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and others.

Once you reverse search a TikTok username, the tool scans billions of records and may show you the possible name of that person, etc…

There are a couple of options when it comes to identifying someone you don’t know by his or her TikTok account. The first one is through the username. It works better because when people add their unique name on any social media platform, they’ll make things easy for search engines and web crawlers to trace them.

Here is how to find someone’s TikTok username if you have no idea about that. You can see that from the profile page URL after that “@”.

Tiktok username

Unlike using Google, with this search method, you can see who made a fake TikTok account because the data could be exclusive. In fact, there are many ways these sites collect people’s details online. That combines all the social media platforms in one single search using a username. So, that allows you to view details about their email, associates, relatives, etc…

That means you don’t have to waste time with all the other search engines just to identify the owner of any account on TikTok. Also, it can be used to tell whether or not your boyfriend, girlfriend, or anyone else has a hidden TikTok account.

Just like people search engines, Google, DuckDuckGo, Ask, and others should be used in parallel to look for any hidden information about TikTok account owners and managers. With a simple copy and paste of any details you find on their TikTok pages, you might see more data about the person behind them. That may include comments on Facebook, pictures, blogs, discussion forums, etc…

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Next, when you collect as much information as you can about that unknown TikTok account owner, you’ll be able to type all of them into one or multiple Google searches and see what you get. The more details you give search engines, the higher the chances you’ll find the search page you’re looking for. Consequently, you can find out someone’s real name on TikTok with this technique. But if that doesn’t work, use the next one.

Their name

I recommend using TruthFinder to find out who created that anonymous TikTok profile and even get their secret account’s username on TikTok, Instagram, and more. By searching for the user’s name you found on social media, this TikTok account information finder can show you more details.

Here is one example of a search; we found the location of someone who has a TikTok account by their name:

Location history

Suppose that you want to find the location of a TikTok user. So, what you can do is type the name of that person in the search bar. Next, scroll down until you find the section called ”Location History”. From there, you’ll see the previous addresses of that TikTok user and associated information like contact numbers, social profiles, and Maps pins indicating where the user is possibly living.

Instant Checkmate is also a good way to find out who a TikTok user is. Again, type the name or username you see on that profile. Next, allow the system to search and organize the data for you in the background. After that, browse the details you see in the report and get an idea about that mysterious TikTok user you don’t know. That could be a fake user.

If you want to find the email associated with a TikTok account, look for the section called “Possible Emails” under the “Contact” tab. Look at the following screenshot example I created when searching for the name of someone on TikTok.

To find who created a TikTok account, you can type the exact name on that person’s profile page. The name of that user on TikTok is not always the first plus last name in real life. Some guys prefer using their nicknames and even abbreviations which can make the search inaccurate. But if that mysterious TikTok user puts their real name on the profile description, that should bring you most of his details in one detailed background search report with a trusted service.

Finding someone’s real name on TikTok

That being said, clear background search reports are only exclusive to the US. Google might have some details about that name if the use behind it is in different countries.

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Now, to find out who runs a TikTok account without the username, start by typing the username in the search box of any background check tool like the one mentioned in the first section. After that, select the state where that user lives, and if you don’t know that information, select “all states” instead. Once you validate, the system will start looking for linked details to that TikTok name.

After that, users get detailed search reports that may include that TikTok user’s real name, address, pictures, if available, and hidden profiles on social media apps. That’s not all; you may also view the different phone numbers of TikTok users and other contact details that are not that easy to find online.

Search by profile picture

Social Catfish is the best tool for this specific search. TikTok, just like so many other social networks, encourages users to upload their own profile pictures and tell the world a few details about the person behind it. Now, to reveal the identity of that hidden person on the TikTok account, we can just run a reverse image search through their profile photo after downloading it, of course.

As we said in other guides, TikTok users have already learned that by uploading custom profile photos, they can attract more friend requests and followers if that’s done properly. So, these users will do their best to add the best quality photos. That will allow others to find who they are through that photo.

Once you run the search with that photo, the search engine looks for any website or blog where that file was uploaded. Consequently, if there is any other social account using that photo, it could be found easily as these technologies have become so powerful and advanced.

Accordingly, when you need to find out who a TikTok account belongs to, just read through their profile details and descriptions. The posts and videos these users share on other social apps can tell you who they are and what they do.

Once you get the pages where that photo is located, click on them and see the details. Don’t be surprised to find that person’s real name, address, and contact information on his Facebook profile by searching for their TikTok picture; it works for many.

Can you search TikTok by phone number or email?

The above tools come with a good reverse email lookup system that helps to find out more about people and their social media profiles.

Since TikTok users need to log in or sign up using different options, it’s always possible for the search system to browse millions of accounts and classify users by details. In other words, TikTok users have the following options to signup or to log into the site:

  • Their Facebook
  •  Twitter
  •  Email
  •  Phone number
  •  Google
  •  Apple account
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All of these platforms and details could be leaked one day in data breaches, as that happened a lot, unfortunately. That means if someone has used his phone number to log into TikTok, chances are databases of people search tools might already have that detail.

In addition, when someone uses the same email to create accounts on TikTok, Twitter, etc… that also makes it easier for these search systems to extract the data from his profile page and learn from that, who the user is, with name, job, address, etc…

The lesson learned from this is that no matter if TikTok users create their accounts with a cell number, email, or other options, there is a possibility to lookup that mobile number or other contact information and find his or her pages on the Internet.

Thus, you can use a reverse phone number lookup to see if someone using TikTok is a real or fake profile. The same thing applies to email addresses. Once you use a reverse email lookup tool, it’s possible to see who that TikTok user is by name, etc…

TikTok and other social media platforms

TikTok has been attracting thousands of new users each week. Talking about numbers, in the US alone, there are over 70 million users, and that’s not going to stop there. In fact, expectations show that by 2024, there will be 88 million users, if not more, from the US. So, if someone is using Instagram or Snapchat, there is a high chance of finding their account on TikTok. That’s because TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms for video sharing.

Tiktok account details

Now, this is a good thing for people to search for their friends on the Internet. But also, it’s a smart way to identify TikTok accounts, and find the name of the person behind them with details. Thus, if someone has the same username across all the social networks, then that’s what you can use to tell who the owner of the account is when you see his Facebook or Instagram account.

The same thing applies to Twitter and Snapchat. If a username is unique, it means the same person is managing all of those profiles.


By using these tips and tricks, everyone could find, in easy ways, who owns almost any TikTok account by using the username, name, or photos on their profiles. But also, there are other search solutions to uncover TikTok account details when the user behind is fake or pretending to be someone else. So, if you used any of them, you can add them to your comment.

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