How to Find Someone’s Instagram from their Tinder Account?

Do you want to find a person, or probably one of your Tinder matches, and get their Instagram accounts? But you don’t have much information about these people, except the public details found on their profiles? So, in this guide, we’ll show you how you can easily find that person’s Instagram account from their Tinder profile. Best of all, you’ll be able to tell whether these people are trying to catfish you on the dating app; or they hide multiple profiles on other social media networks, just keep reading.

How to find someone from Tinder on Instagram

The following are actually the best ways to find someone’s IG from Tinder. You don’t have to waste time with useless sites and apps that never work. And in a matter of a minute or two, you’ll be able to increase the chances of finding IG from Tinder to the highest levels. So, always keep hope because tracing information online and on social media, especially, may not be that easy all the time. Now, let’s get their accounts.

Start with their username or name on IG

This is the most accurate way to tell who that specific Tinder user is based on their Instagram and find the real name and details in the first place. Second, it works well to find most of their social media accounts. That includes IG, TikTok, Snapchat, and even Facebook or Twitter.

You just have to use the above powerful social search system and type in the search box one of the user details on Tinder. Some of these details are the username, other names, etc… Next, allow the program to run its advanced search. Next, it will show you if there is an account with that username found on Instagram or other social networks.

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People can connect their IG accounts to Tinder. So, once they approve that integration, the profile will use their exact username from IG. Thus, by just reversing-lookup that username, that person’s IG account could be uncovered easily.

If, for any reason, you suspect that that person has other nicknames or possible usernames, try to search through that additional information. They could hide other Facebook accounts. Sometimes, adjusting numbers only can find the further details that are hidden. Here is an example:

If someone has a Tinder account with the username “first-name-2023” then, there is a chance that the same person likes to add the year of his Birthdate to the username. As a result, adding that year or the actual year will probably bring some secret accounts on TikTok and others on social media sites. From there, you’ll have other usernames to start searching with.

By doing that, you diversify your search options and increase the chances of finding additional information on IG. Finding someone’s Instagram from Tinder should not be complicated with Internet search tools.

Social search engines

Social Catfish is a trusted tool to use. All you need is the Tinder profile picture of the person you want to find on Instagram. Then, see all the accounts the system can trace and show you details about.

To find someone’s Tinder profile on Instagram, use the username or the name of that guy with this tool. Next, search and read through the details until you see mentions of social media accounts like in the following screenshot example.

Example of Instagram accounts found

The best thing about this technique is that you may find additional social profiles like Tagged, Bumble, MeetMe, Badoo, and more. In other words, it’s a dedicated social profile finder tool that shows you more data than expected in many cases by using details you see in that person’s Tinder account.

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Reverse lookup Instagram pictures with TinEye

TinEye is one of the best reverse image search engines. They have different algorithms, and I think TinEye is better when it comes to finding people from their pictures. Now, come back to our goal, we need to locate someone on Instagram from their Tinder profiles. So, what we should do is get that image first. Then, save it as a file on your local computer if you want to just copy that file URL behind that picture.

Next, paste that photo or its source URL into the search of the TinEye site. After that, click on Search or click on the Enter button on your keyboard. The site will start looking for that exact photo in its database. Finally, it will show you the list of web pages where you can find it.

The best thing here is that even if someone has cropped a photo of someone else and used it on his Tinder account or others, it could be easily identified and traced. That means if that person has used a photo and modified it on any dating site or social network, the algorithm will be able to detect that.

The site can verify and find duplicate photos used on multiple social media networks and even on dating sites like In addition, even if there is a resize, rotate, or other modification in the photo, the system can easily find the difference and the original picture. Nowadays, many users have the same images on their Tinder and Bumble profiles. This means there is a high possibility of finding their other Instagram accounts using that exact photo.

Try Google images

Google Images uses a separate algorithm to index photos and deliver them based on the queries. At the same time, Google images allow users to upload a picture and search through it. It’s not that complicated because the search tool is easy to use. So, try it and see if the search engine finds that profile photo you searched for. But make sure you look for as a result.

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If there is no mention on the website, others can show you additional information. Also, by following the details, things can be easily understood.

Keep in mind that getting someone’s Instagram from Tinder, with a username or picture, is not always guaranteed. In parallel with Google images, there is an advanced search system with more search parameters and input fields. That way, you can search for the person’s name or even the username you found on Tinder. Then, add some places, cities, or other filters.

Google Advanced Search is a powerful method to filter the results the way you want. And you only get what you need, like personal information and even the website to search on. In this case, add in the domain field, which will exclude all the other search results on any other website.

Here is an example of a search when we used a “Tinder-username” and limited the search to the exact domain name.

Using Google advanced search


Now, you have an idea of how to find somebody’s Instagram account through their Tinder profile. Everything starts from simple details like the username. But if that does not bring any result, you have to try other options, such as the person’s first and last name, if you already have that information. If that’s not the case, there is still another solution to locate that hidden account on Instagram using the photos on their Tinder profile page.

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