How to Start a Conversation with a Guy

It can be a daunting feeling when you start a conversation with a guy for the first time. But knowing how to act and what to say can be a very confusing and overwhelming feeling for you. It can be easy to overthink your options when it comes to starting a conversation with any guy. However, if you strip it back to basics, it really isn’t too difficult when you have the faith in yourself.

9 ways for starting a conversation with him

1. Ask for his recommendation

One great way to start a conversation with a guy is to ask them for a recommendation. Whether it be food or drink or even something related to music taste, this is a great way to break the ice and initiate conversation that is flowing and natural.

2. Discuss environmental issues

Another great way to initiate a natural conversation is to discuss the environment that you are currently in. This works as a comment ground between the two of you and gives you something to discuss. Whether you discuss the weather, the number of people around, or admire an item of beauty, creating a conversation which you can both relate to and have an input in is a great ice breaker.

When discussing the environment around you, it is important so as to not come across as complaining. That helps making a factual observation is fine, but it is important that you do this in a manner that does not come across as rude. Coming across as rude can be off putting as it can make the conversation feel more strained when the goal is to make it natural and light hearted.

3. Compliment him

Obviously, you don’t need to boost his ego too much. But paying him a compliment can be a great way to open a conversation with him. It doesn’t have to be a grand extravagant gushing speech, but a simple light hearted compliment will do. This shows that you are a friendly and seemingly outgoing person and can lead the conversation to flow and develop.

4. Ask questions

One way to begin a conversation is to ask a guy a simple question. Whether it be directions, or information about the area, asking a question initiates a conversation and portrays you as a friendly person. Another great way to start a conversation is to ask a guy if he can take a photograph for you of either yourself or yourself and friends.

This works better when you are on your own as a group of friends can come across as quite intimidating. Asking a question means that they will usually answer and therefore when you have a conversation started, it is just up to you to continue it.

5. Comment on his physicality

A great way to start a conversation is to flatter a guy by complimenting his physicality. This can be their muscles, tattoos, or their body type. Humans naturally respond well to compliments on their body and physicality. So this can be a great way to begin to converse with a guy.

6. Enquire

Asking a guy why he is at the same house party can be a great conversation starter and will usually lead on to a more in-depth conversation between the two of you. You can easily find out if you live close to one another, have mutual friends, or how you both came to be in the same place at the same time. Finding common ground is the key to keeping a conversation going. Finding as many of these as possible is a good way to continue to talk.

7. Brush past

It can sound very forward but brushing past a person and apologizing is a great way to start a conversation with a guy. The act of brushing past a person releases hormones in your body that can be picked up by guys subconsciously and can then result in you having an in-depth conversation.

8. Ask him about pets

Asking a guy whether he has any pets is a great way to start a conversation and if you’re lucky enough to witness him with his pet then asking about it is a great way to start an enjoyable conversation.

Asking to pet his dog or pet is a great way to become closer to the guy and allow you to talk to him. It is advisable that you remember to ask permission to pet his dog or other animals as some do bite and some owners aren’t happy with random people touching their dog.

As soon as you manage to start a conversation about his pet or pets, you have room to talk about your pets and interests which can lead to a flowing conversation with room for development.

9. Just introduce yourself

Whilst it might sound corny, there is nothing wrong with simply introducing yourself to a guy in order to start a conversation with him. Guys like girls that are outgoing and will approach them as opposed to the stereotype of simply waiting for a guy to approach them. You don’t need to do a dramatic formal handshake meeting but a simple “hi, my name is…” type of introduction cannot do any harm.

Guys will make it clear within a minute of first starting a conversation whether or not they are interested in you, even if he isn’t there’s no harm in trying.

If you don’t try for things and strive for what you want then it is possible that you will never get it, life doesn’t simply wait for those that want opportunities, you must go out and get them.


If you follow any or all of the tips above you will be able to start a conversation with almost any guy, it might take a little while to build confidence. However the more you do it the more experienced and confident you will get. Think of every time you start a conversation with a guy as a fresh start and opportunity to build experience and confidence and soon enough you will have it in the buckets full.

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