How to Tell if your Boyfriend has Slept with Someone Else

It can be a frustrating feeling when you think your boyfriend has been unfaithful, especially when they won’t admit it. It can, in fact, make you feel like you’re starting to go crazy when he makes out that you’re just being paranoid.

Luckily for you, there are signs to look out for that suggest your boyfriend has slept with somebody else. That girl could be your best female friend, coworker, or another woman you don’t even know about. So, keep reading to check for signs and ways, to tell the truth.

Signs a man slept with another woman

1. He smells different

If your boyfriend is coming home smelling different, then this could be a sign that he has slept with someone else. Often when guys sleep with other women, they can smell their perfume and of the woman’s scent. This is usually a tell-tale sign, and when your boyfriend gets back, he has an urgency for going for a shower. This is to wash off the smell before you notice.

Another tell-tale sign is if he comes back from a hard day at work and smells fresh as though he has just had a shower. This is a warning sign that he might be up to no good.

2. He is not into sex

If your boyfriend has a sudden lack of interest in having sex with you, then this could mean that he is getting it elsewhere. Men naturally have a lot of sexual urges. So if his urges seem as though they are a lot less than usual, he could be satisfying them with somebody else.

Men often have higher sex drives than women. Therefore if he appears to not be very driven by sex, the chances are that he is having sex with somebody else.

3. He has new preferences

If your boyfriend has started to want to try new adventurous moves in bed that he seemingly knows very well, then the likelihood is that he has learned this from somewhere, and it isn’t you.

Quite often, to disguise the fact that they are cheating on you, they will make an effort to give you more attention and affection to hide what is really happening.

They will often try to hide the fact that they are sleeping with another female by focusing on you to throw you off the trail. However, men are more often than not imagining that you are another girl when they are sleeping with you.

It goes without saying that if they accidentally say somebody else’s name when in bed with you, they are definitely imagining that you are another female and are cheating on you.

4. He becomes more protective over the phone

If your boyfriend becomes a lot more protective than usual over their phone, then, this is a sign that they have something to hide. People will use their phones to communicate with the other woman and not get found out; they will become very guarded over it. They may also begin to spend a lot more time than usual on their phone with no real answer as to why.

When your boyfriend suddenly puts a passcode on their phone when they didn’t use to have one, this is a sign that they have something on there. So, they don’t want you to come across that hidden relationship. If you can get hold of his phone, it would be a good idea to look through his messages, both inbox and deleted, to see what he is hiding.

5. Changes in his appearance

If your boyfriend has developed a sudden interest/obsession with his appearance, the chances are that he isn’t making this effort for you. Often when men cheat, they tend to take more pride in their appearance as they are trying to impress their other woman or his mistress. This is a very obvious tell-tale sign, especially if your boyfriend is usually not very bothered by their appearance.

If your boyfriend is dressing differently and suddenly wants to keep on top of any of his preening routines, then there is usually a reason/person to blame for this. Most men only make an effort when they are trying to impress somebody new. Often they won’t make an effort when they are in a comfortable relationship. So, it probably isn’t you that he is trying to impress, but another girlfriend.

6. He started wearing clothes differently

It is a commonly known fact that women tend to change clothes more than men do. So if he is coming home in different clothes to the ones that he left in, then it’s worth questioning why this is.

Often a cheating boyfriend will come up with long, elaborate stories as to why they had to change their clothes. But usually, it is just as simple as he has been cheating and wanted to dispose of the evidence.

7. He becomes happier

A very obvious sign of your boyfriend cheating on you is his happiness levels. If nothing, in particular, has seemingly happened, this can mean there’s a person that is causing this sudden happiness spike in him. When your boyfriend or even husband suddenly becomes a lot happier, it can mean that he is receiving positive attention elsewhere, which is why he is happier.

If nothing, in particular, has changed at home or work that might be causing this happiness, then you must consider there could be an ulterior motive for this increase in happiness. He could be hiding secret relationships with one or more women.

8. Evidence of cheating

If your boyfriend is coming home with evidence of another woman, such as phone numbers scribbled on paper in his pockets, lipstick stains on him, or the smell of another woman, these can’t just be brushed off.

There would be no reason for these signs if he wasn’t cheating on you. It is essential that any evidence you do find, you keep hold of when you confront him so he cannot twist it around or deny it.


Whether it is text messages or physical evidence, make sure that you keep it for future reference. It can be challenging to get solid proof that your boyfriend is cheating on you because he will do everything he can to hide it.

This is why it is so crucial that you hold onto the evidence you find, as he will do his ultimate best to wriggle his way out of it rather than admit the truth and accept that he has been found out.

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