How to Monitor a Child’s Phone and See Texts, Messages, and Social Media

When online safety matters, it is essential to monitor your child’s phone and see what they visit as websites, apps, and what they get as information from socie media including, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and others. There are all kinds of people out there that may try to make contact with them. There is a whole network of predators that prey on vulnerable children and may use text messages as a way to communicate with them.

Ways to monitor your child’s phone

There are many ways to monitor your child’s phone for safety. One way in which you can monitor their phone is by simply having an agreement with your child that you get to read their phone. This method allows for complete transparency and an agreed understanding between you and your child.

That can be a way to monitor their phone, but also there is the chance that they can conceal messages, delete apps and delete messages. So it may not be the most effective way of monitoring your child’s phone.

Another way that you can monitor your child’s phone is by ensuring that parental controls are turned on, on their phone. That means that they cannot delete any messages and give you full access to all of their messages. With parental controls, it also allows you to have remote access from your own phone to their phone at all times.

There are a lot of apps that work on both iPhone and android that allow you to have direct access to your child’s text messages. By downloading these apps, you can have access to these text messages on an ongoing basis without physically going on their phone.

These apps allow you to have the text messages uploaded to the app that you can access from your own phone, and you can see them without needing the phone itself other than to download the app in the first instance.

Remote access to children phones

There is an app called KidsGuard Pro that is a completely hidden app on the phone it is installed on that allows you as the parent to monitor both sent and received messages on their phone.

This app allows you to monitor social media accounts such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and instant messenger. Kids can do wrong things on the phone and strangers can send bad stuff by email also. So, parents should view the messages both ingoing and outgoing.

Additionally, that is a great way to monitor your child’s phone as if you install it on their phone when they first get it or when you get access to it, then it will remain completely hidden from them, and they will have no way of knowing that you are monitoring their phone.

This app allows you to monitor their phone remotely and doesn’t require you to have arguments over accessing their phone to check their messages, and it doesn’t matter if they delete messages; they still appear on the app. 

That allows you to keep an eye on what your child is doing while appearing to maintain a level of trust with them. That means your spying can go undetected, and they won’t feel as though you don’t trust them.

There are many different apps that you can download as currently, no base phone comes with the option to remotely access messages sent or received from an iPhone or Android device. So, these third-party spying apps are the most efficient and undetectable means of doing this.

Why should you monitor the child’s phone?

You must monitor any child’s phone, and this is because of the predators that are out there. While you may have drilled this into your child, often, these people pose as other children in order to gain your child’s trust and go undetected. 

You may be able to pick up on the signs that the person messaging your child is unsavory or not to be trusted, but children can be naïve and may not realize.

Even by setting boundaries as to what apps and websites your child can access, these predators know this is often the case. They will intentionally comb these legitimate child-friendly websites to look for children to message and contact.

By monitoring your child’s phone, you can research and know the signs that they are being groomed and look out for these without having to alert your child to the prospective dangers in the world.

Benefits of seeing what kids do on their phones

With a lot of the apps, they give feedback to you in real-time so that you can act quickly if you spot anything that looks suspicious or dangerous and means that you aren’t waiting around for days to get a report which by then it’s too late and your child is in danger.

Often, these apps that help you track messages also come with a real-time GPS tracker to always find out where your child is, where they have been, and where they are going.

This is especially important as a child gains more independence throughout their lives. They may be “playing out” or going to meet friends. Consequently, this is important as often this is how children are groomed, and they are tricked into meeting who they think is a child their own age but is, in actual fact, a 40-year-old predator.

By keeping an eye on the text messages, your child sends and receives, you can ensure that they aren’t being groomed. So, you can ensure that if anybody is trying to contact your child and arrange meetings or to see them in person, you can intervene and either stop them from meeting this person. Or you can arrange to go yourself in person with them to ensure that the person they are meeting is who they really say they are.

This keeps your child away from and out of dangerous situations which may have otherwise gone undetected if you weren’t monitoring their phone. 

Other Methods

If your child’s phone is an iPhone, then it couldn’t be simpler to monitor their text messages without them knowing. All you have to do is to turn on iCloud syncing of messages. Then, you can have their messages automatically uploaded to iCloud, which can be accessed from any other iPhone or through the internet on a computer.

By enabling iCloud syncing for iPhone, you can monitor text messages in real-time. But unfortunately, it doesn’t cover other apps such as WhatsApp and Instagram.

This kids’ phone monitoring trick is free and doesn’t involve using any apps or running any programs. However, it should only be used if you are short on finances due to its limitations. 

There are programs that you can access on the internet on your child’s phone. You download the file and then clear the internet history. That way, you see all searches made by your child on both apps and the internet and allow you to have a full grasp on what they are doing on their phone.

Extra tips for protecting kids on their phone

In conclusion, it is crucial to monitor your child’s phone due to the predators that are out there and the dangerous people they may find themselves in contact with. 

Children can be very naïve to the world’s dangers, so they may not realize that they are indeed in trouble. These signs are easier to spot as an adult parent and are essential to look out for to keep your child safe.

There are various methods that you can use to monitor what your child is doing on your phone. But downloading an app or file off the internet browser is by far the most efficient way of doing this. That’s because it remains hidden and unnoticed, which is ideal when spying on your child. 

It is essential to give children more freedom as they become teenagers and wiser to the tricks that people may play on them. However, with children becoming younger and younger when they get their first phone, it is essential that while they are younger, you sufficiently keep tabs on them to keep them from harm’s way and out of any prospective danger.

Alongside some of the apps that let you monitor your child’s text messages, there are bonus features. That includes monitoring other apps, geolocating technologies that allow you to see their location, and technology that will enable you to see precisely what they are searching, doing, and accessing in real-time. 

If your child is searching for inappropriate or damaging content, you can find out and put a stop to it. It can also prompt conversations that allow you to find out where they have heard about this type of content.


To summarize, monitoring your child’s phone is an essential aspect of parenting that will help you to keep your child safe and have peace of mind. It is a crucial part of parenting that will allow you to keep the peace and keep your child safe, allowing you to have full knowledge of what they are doing.

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