9 Signs he Will Marry you Someday (Boyfriend will Propose Soon)

Do you feel confused about whether or not your boyfriend will propose and marry you in the near future? And you can feel it but you are not sure about that? So, keep reading, we will show you the common signs that he is seeing you as a future wife and he’ll propose soon.

It can be confusing when you are in a new relationship and want to know how it is going to pan out. Whether you will just be one of many or if he is thinking of putting a ring on it. This article is going to discuss the signs that he wants to marry you and should give you an insight into his behavior and feelings.

How to tell if your man will propose someday?

1. He is making future plans

If your boyfriend is making a lot of plans with you that are based in the future, this is a sure sign that he wants to marry you and spend a long time with you. People that aren’t committed won’t make plans for the very far in the future.

That means they are then committed, which is the opposite of what they want. Whether it’s getting a dog or moving house, any long-term plans that he makes with you are a sign that he wants to keep hold of you for the long term and not just the short term.

In other words, by doing that, he indirectly tells you “I will marry you someday”.

2. Invited to events

If your boyfriend has started to invite you to all of his events whether it be work-related or family-related, this is a sure sign that he can see a future with you because the man clearly wants you to meet his family and friends. Most guys will only introduce you to their friends or family if they are sure that they are serious about you and therefore want a future with you.

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If you are going to events with him, then this is a great sign that he wants his family and friends to like you. And that is also because you’re going to be a major part of his life for a long time.

3. He’s on time with you

If your man is constantly punctual and on time for meetings with you, then this shows that he really likes you. It can be easy to have poor timekeeping. And so, if he is going to the effort of being on time for you, then he clearly likes you a lot.

He is clearly making the effort to come and see you and meet with you. In addition, your boyfriend doesn’t want to let you down and this is a sure sign that he is really into you. Thus, it’s another sign he wants to get married but he hides that for the moment.

4. Increase in contact

Often just before a man proposes, there will be a sudden increase in the amount of physical contact that he gives to you. This contact can be just as it was when you first started to date.

From small gestures such as arm touching to holding hands and playing with your hair, these physical gestures are a sure indicator that a proposal could be in the waters.

5. Dedication to you

This is one of many other signs to look out for. However, it should be a given in any committed relationship that he doesn’t have a wandering eye. If your boyfriend only has eyes for you and notices you first in a room filled with people this is a sign that he is a keeper.

If he makes commitments to you such as plans and makes sure that he follows through, then he is dedicated to you and does not have any other priorities than come before you. These are all signs that he is dedicated to you and only you and that marriage is the natural next course for your journey to take.

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6. Moving in

If your man wants to start living with you, then this is a sign that one day, he wants to marry you. There is a natural course which most relationships take and the step after moving in is usually marriage.

Moving in with a person is a huge commitment that is not taken lightly. It can challenge your relationship majorly as you will be living together, and so spending a lot of time with one another. This is usually the stage of a relationship that will be the most testing as spending a lot of time together can be very intense and so is usually the make or break of the average relationship.

7. He is sharing thoughts

If he is being open with you and sharing his thoughts and feelings on aspects of his life with you, then this shows how comfortable he actually is being around you. It takes a long time to build up a relationship in which you feel comfortable enough to fully open up to someone. So, this shows that your relationship has grown and is evolving as it naturally should be.

8. He stands by you

When times get tough, it can be easy for people to walk away because they don’t want to deal with people at their worst. This is often a phenomenon which separates relationships that work from those that don’t. Many couples find that when things get tough. They throw in the towel because it is too much for them to deal with.

If you can find yourself a man that sticks with you no matter what. Through thick and thin then it is important that you keep hold of him as this is the best tip for a long and happy relationship with somebody.

It is important that this is a two-way street and whilst he is supportive and stands by you, you need to stand by him as well. In order for this relationship to work, there has to be give and take so that there is a fair distribution of time and emotion between you both.

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9. He mentioned the marriage

This is valid if your man has mentioned marrying you. Whether as a joke or a serious point, you need to take note of this and pay great attention to what he has said. That is because he may just be testing the waters to see how you would feel if you were to get married.

Men will often drop hints into a conversation when they are considering a proposal. They do that to test the waters. The reason is that they have major fears of rejection. Therefore it is important to always respond positively if he talks about marriage.


Sometimes, the girlfriend is the only person who can feel the coming marriage proposal. However, these are the most obvious signs he wants to marry you. If you have that feeling, then, don’t believe it all the time.

The last thing you need these days is a broken heart because your boyfriend is being the only guy you date and live with. But he never talks about marriage. Or even more, he may look the right guy with all the above signs. Hence, he is not taking the first step and proposing. For that reason, it is better to ask him directly about marriage. That can be all the way good in successful relationships. Men are not all the same, some of them are timid, and others are not.

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