Signs My Husband Loves His Mistress

Do you have doubts that your husband still loves his mistress? And you want to tell for sure if that is true or just a guess? Then, look at the following signs to check if your spouse is into his mistress or not.

Infidelity is a leading cause of marriages breaking down with 40% of cases where somebody has an affair, resulting in divorce. It can be a comfort when your husband admits his affair was a mistake. But in cases where the affair is more than just sex, it can be a heart-breaking thought to think he has fallen in love with his mistress.

How to tell if he still loves his mistress

Before starting, I want to mention that you need to know your man and see if there is anything in his life that has changed. Also, look for any hidden phone number or social account he manages. Married men can have secret affairs, and you can check all that by doing your own research. Now, let’s find out how to know if a married man loves his mistress.

1. He has only one

A sign, which can be quite painful, that your husband loves his mistress is that he has only got one mistress. Often when your partner is cheating, they will be cheating on you with several people. If he only has one mistress, then this can be a sign that he has feelings for her, and she is more than just a mistress to him.

Men cheat for a variety of reasons and often have several side pieces on the go. Having just one signifies what they clearly mean something to him.

2. She is a priority

Another sign that your husband loves his mistress is that he prioritizes her over anything. If you find that you are always coming second best or that he drops everything to be with his mistress, then the chances are that he could be in love with her.

Humans naturally prioritize what is important to them, and traditionally that would be their husband or wife. If he is having an affair and putting her first, this is a sure-fire sign that he could be in love with her either instead of or as well as you.

3. She gets the most of His attention

One person only has so much attention to go around. If you find that his attention lies elsewhere, this isn’t a good sign. If your husband is paying his mistress the most of his attention, this can mean that he loves or is in love with her. A husband should be giving the majority of their attention to their wife. If it’s elsewhere, then this is a sign that it isn’t looking good for you.

4. Openness

Most people that cheat are afraid of being found out. However, if he becomes less secretive and isn’t scared of being found out, then the chances are that he is falling in love with his mistress. To most that cheat, the worst-case scenario is indeed being found out, which is why they’re so secretive. If your husband is becoming increasingly blatant about his affair, the likelihood is that he is falling for her.

5. Thoughtful gifts

While husbands can get it wrong from time to time, not many often buy you a thoughtful gift. If he is spending his money on thoughtful gifts for his mistress, this isn’t a good sign.

Men tend to buy mistresses extravagant presents, but when he starts to buy her meaningful and thoughtful presents. This often means that he is falling in love with her. This is a bad sign as often these thoughtful gifts are ones you have never received yourself.

6. He becomes distant

A lot of men that have affairs can become distant from their wives. This is due to the guilt that they are feeling, and quite often, they are giving their emotional energy to their mistress.

If your husband is increasingly emotionally distant towards you, then the chances are his mind and emotions are elsewhere. When a man begins to love his mistress, he becomes increasingly distant towards his wife. This can be due to a variety of reasons but loving his mistress is the usual one.

7. The other woman

If you end up feeling as though you are the other woman in the relationship that gets less attention, affection, or time, that means that your husband is falling for his mistress. In a marriage, you should always be your husband’s priority. But if his attention is elsewhere and you are beginning to feel second best or like the other woman, this could mean that he is falling in love with his mistress instead of you.

8. He is protective over her

Your husband should feel most protective over you. However, if he is increasingly protective of his mistress, then he might be falling in love with her. The partner should have you as his number one priority. If he starts to become incredibly protective of his mistress, this is a sign that she is more than just a side piece.

You will notice that your spouse will be protective over those that mean the most. Therefore, it isn’t a good sign if he starts to become very protective of his mistress instead of over you.

9. She is committed

When a person has a deep feeling for someone else, he becomes committed in some way. It is different from finding the same man who hides dating profiles just because he is looking for hookups or new friendships.

If the woman that he is having an affair with isn’t seeing anybody else, it’s a definitive sign that there’s more to the relationship than just sex. She is a free agent and not committed to your husband, so if she chooses to, there is usually something deeper there.

If their relationship is monogamous from both sides, then the likelihood is that they have an emotional connection with each other and not just purely a sexual one.

10. He shows his love to her

Often people that have affairs will brush them off as meaningless and a regret that they ever had. If your husband is openly admitting that he loves her, then I would believe him.

Love is a big word and for him to use it openly shows that he is serious about this relationship. Men are quite guarded with their feelings anyway, so opening up and admitting. That means there is something serious going on between the two of them beyond sex.


There are tell-tale signs as to whether your husband loves his mistress. You need to look for these signs and use them to your advantage to decide your next move. While most men are full of remorse, some quite simply aren’t sorry and don’t regret what they have done. Please pay close attention to your husband and carefully use his actions to decide what your next move will be.

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