What does it Mean if a Guy is Always on his Phone?

It can be a frustrating feeling when your boyfriend is always on his phone, especially if he becomes secretive about what he is actually doing on the phone. However, it is important to consider all angles as to why he is on his phone so much.

Why does he never leave his phone?

1. There is somebody else

This is the usual conclusion that people jump to but it could just be the truth. Sometimes a person can be hiding their phone from you and are constantly on it because they are talking to somebody else instead of you. Whilst it won’t be a nice concept to consider, it is an important one that you can’t rule out.

If someone is hiding something on his phone, there are dedicated search engines for hidden accounts on social media and dating sites, so, reverse lookup any of their details like full name and find what they hide.

If he has recently changed his passcode on his phone and you don’t know it, this is a sure sign that he is hiding something. Also, if he is very careful where he leaves his phone and so takes It everywhere with him, this also suggests that he has something to hide.

If you ask him who he is talking to and he cannot give you a straight or even believable answer, then the likelihood is that there’s something going on there that he doesn’t want you to know. It is important to have a conversation about your suspicions and ask to see his phone, if he denies this access, then you have an even stronger reason to believe that he is hiding something from you.

In a stereotypical and trustworthy relationship, most people know their partner’s passcode and will regularly use one another’s phones. If he won’t allow this, you need to show him that you’re fine with him looking at your phone and question exactly why he won’t let you view his.

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When somebody is on their phone a lot, it can be a warning sign but the fact that they want to intentionally hide their activities from you is a major red flag which shouldn’t be ignored by any means.

It is important that you tell your boyfriend about your suspicions, and then, judge his reaction as to what your next step will be. If you tell him your suspicions and then he goes away and eventually lets you on his phone, the likelihood is that he has deleted anything incriminating on there. If he simply denies it and allows you to access it immediately, then, this usually means there is nothing in particular that he is hiding and you can verify this for yourself when you look on his phone.

2. He is addicted to work

One reason that people can spend so long on their phones is that they have serious work commitments that they cannot get out of. Some people find it difficult to switch off from work and so are constantly checking their emails and responding to them. Even if it can look suspicious, sometimes he is genuinely just a workaholic that can’t help but check up on work.

If he is simply obsessed with his work, then, he should be able to show you exactly what he is doing without any qualms. Usually, somebody that is on their phone so much dealing with aspects of their work will not be secretive about their phone and the password, unless you have explicitly banned them from bringing their work home.

Although it is good that he’s not cheating on you and he is simply a workaholic, it can feel like you’re neglected in terms of attention and are less of a priority to him. If this is the case, then it is important to start a conversation where you calmly and honestly explain how it is making you feel.

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3. He is addicted to his phone

With technology ever developing it is becoming more commonplace for people to develop addictions to their phones, this is due to the addictive nature of a lot of apps.

As humans, we naturally are inquisitive as to what other people are doing and social media gives us the gratification that we are searching for. It can be so easy to fall down a wormhole of scrolling through your feed and seeing exactly what everybody is doing.

Apps such as TikTok and Facebook are particularly addictive as they have highly advanced algorithm systems which will show you posts that they have worked out that will interest you. If you are constantly scrolling and keep being shown posts that interest you, this will make you want to keep looking at them as they provide you with the gratification that you are seeking by using these apps.

It is becoming an increasing occurrence of people being addicted to their phones, whilst it is a common misconception that it is usually the younger generation, it is more common in adults in or above their 20’s to be addicted to their phones due to the technology that is available to them.

Less people are finding out information from organic sources and more and more are using the internet for any queries that they have. With all of the knowledge that you could ever need and more at the touch of your fingertips, it is no surprise that people are becoming increasingly addicted to their mobile phones.

If you believe that your boyfriend has developed an addiction to his phone, then, it is important that you query this and let him know exactly how you are feeling. Often people do not realize that they are in fact addicted to their phones until somebody broaches the topic with them and outright asks them, this is an important conversation to have as it may make him realize what is happening to him.

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When having a conversation about being addicted to a phone, it is important that you don’t appear judgemental, but that you clearly get across the message about the severity of it and how it is making you feel. You want him to understand how it is making you feel without coming across as though you are having a go at him about it when you just want to help.

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