What to Do if He Blocked Me After an Argument?

It can be a stressful feeling when you have had an argument with your boyfriend and don’t know what to do next once he blocks your number and profiles on his social accounts. You can be torn between trying to get through to him and backing off and giving him space.

This article is going to discuss what you should do if your boyfriend blocks you during an argument and should hopefully provide you with some worthwhile advice.

9 things to do if he blocked you on everything after a fight

Before starting, it’s a good idea to think again about your last fight. Are you sure that your guy has blocked you on WhatsApp? Can you send him a text message on Viber or Facebook Messenger? Or maybe you still have the possibility to text him on Facebook directly?

Also, ask yourself if this is the first time your man stops calling you and responding to your texts. Or if he’s doing the blocking number thing every time you argue and disagree? It’s important to understand things and see if he repeatedly did the same thing.

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1. Give him space

It is obvious that if he blocks you should give him the space he needs. People often block others out of anger and in the heat of the moment. And so, it is important that you give him the space he needs in order for him to calm down from the anger that he is experiencing.

By allowing your partner space, you are allowing him to be the one that comes crawling back to you, not the other way around.

If he blocks you, give him space

2. Don’t block him

If your partner has blocked you, it can feel tempting to be petty and block him back. But ultimately, this reduces the likelihood of any continuation of pettiness within your argument. By leaving your boyfriend unblocked, he can then message you once he has calmed down and unblocked you again.

Being the bigger person is the best solution for any argument that you find yourself in and can mean that you are being the more mature person in the argument. If he is still blocking your number, there are ways to call back.

3. Don’t get preoccupied

It is always recommended not to get preoccupied with constantly checking to see whether or not your boyfriend or husband has unblocked you. This will make time drag and lead you to think negatively. Instead of that, keep yourself busy and distracted when he has blocked you.

That is because time will go faster, and you can use your mind to think about more productive things. If your partner has changed the number, don’t worry about that, that could be temporary. Instead, take your time and don’t check your texting app every minute to see if he replied.

4. Remain calm

It can be infuriating when somebody has blocked you after every fight, especially when you cannot say your point of view back. However, it is essential to remain calm in these situations. Remaining calm is what you should do as you can think a lot more clearly and make more informed decisions.

Whether you will make up or your relationship is broken beyond repair. It is better to remain the calm party in the argument as you will be able to more accurately get your point of view across, and it won’t simply be lost in anger.

5. Have you upset him?

Whenever you have a fight with your spouse, boyfriend, or with anyone else, you need to look at what has happened. Also, look for whether you have done anything wrong to upset him. If you think you have done something to upset him, then you have two options of what you can do.

You can use a means of social media or another account on Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook to message across and apologize. Or you can simply leave him alone whilst he calms down, and then speak to him at a later date.

If you are the one in the wrong or you said something very out of order, then it is essential that you understand why he is hurting and exactly what the consequences of your actions are.

6. Accountability

If you disagree with your partner or when you argue with him, there should always be a solution. So, it is crucial that if bad things were said on both sides, that both parties are willing to take the blame for their part in the argument. And you don’t simply blame each other as it is a cycle that will keep going around if this is the case.

You must be willing to admit exactly where it is that you went wrong and to be willing to openly discuss this in order to move forward from the argument. Your man must also be of the same mindset as you are and don’t just block your phone number, and prevent you from accessing his social media accounts and messages.

7. Work out why he blocked you

To fix relationship issues, especially after an argument, you need to work out why your spouse or partner has blocked you on everything. Did you say something really bad, or is it part of an immature game? You need to work out exactly why you were blocked.

So, you can figure out how it needs to be rectified. If it is part of an immature game, then you must think about all that and don’t rise to it, and remain calm and collected.

Work out why he blocked you

There can be plenty of reasons why he has blocked you on iPhone or Facebook, but finding out exactly why is the key to ensuring the situation is rectified and to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

If he blocked you when it wasn’t your fault, then as harsh as it may sound, it is clear that you realize this is not normal behavior, and he cannot get away with acting in this manner.

You may also think about checking if he has dating profiles. There are many platforms and hookup sites that men use. And if your guy is active on these sites, then, probably, he misses something in your relationship.

8. Staying civil

When you have been blocked by a guy, the best thing to do is to remain the civil one. It can be tempting to send all kinds of messages that really go in on them, but you must remember to be the bigger person.

You have all kinds of emotions going around, and so anger is very prominent there. When you are angry, it can be easy to say things to people that will upset them as a response to how you are feeling yourself.

9. Clear the air

If you aren’t blocked on every form of social media, then it is a good idea to send a message that clears the air. This can be an apology or simply clearing the air so that there is no tension. Either way, it is highly recommended to do so as it will reopen lines of communication again.

Even if your partner was angry when he blocked you after an argument, he will calm down. Additionally, he will be able to rationalize more when he takes a step back and calms down from the situation.

If you have sent a calm and civil message to clear the air, then when he sees this, he will be able to think more rationally. Consequently, he will probably unblock you so that you can have the conversation that needs to be had.

By remaining the civil and calm one, you are breaking the damaging cycle of arguments and paving the way to completely clearing the air and being able to move on from it.


Things may go wrong sometimes between couples. Thus, dealing with these situations can be stressful for both sides. But if you follow the above tips, tricks, and recommendations, you’ll be able to fix your issues when your partner blocks you on everything when you argue. Make sure you keep yourself calm first, then, see what happens. After that, evaluate the situation and take the first step in fixing the problem.

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